One Card Tarot Reading

One Card Tarot readings are the simplest of readings. This card is drawn to give you guidance and information on a particular issue at that very moment. Concentrate on this problem and allow the card to empower you to make the best choice for your current circumstances.

 Another use of our free one card tarot reading is to help stimulate deeper understanding and focus on an issue to meditate on.

 With your question clear in your head, you will be ready to draw your card and receive spiritual enlightenment.

Free One Card Tarot Reading Spread

One card reading will provide you straight forward advice for your better life.Focus on your question and select your card now.

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The lovers

The lovers

At first glance, The Lovers may seem to be a simple image and at one level it is. It can signify love, attraction and romance. The dazzling chemistry present between two people. It carries a message of intimacy but not marriage. The Lovers is also a card of choice. It reminds you that our choices are often emotional and intuitive. We cannot regard this innate sense as it will guide us to discern between risk and opportunity. In almost every6 situation there is a choice, although we may not always be aware of it. This is one of those times when it could not be clearer.