Free Tarot Reading

Our free tarot reading is a perfect way to get an answer to any questions you have at this moment in time. Allowing you to get an insight into all aspects of your life such as love, career, money, and family. Tarot cards are a great way to gain perspective when using our free tarot reading remember to clearly have a specific question in mind and always accept the cards that have been drawn. They may not always be relevant now but take the time to read and understand the tarot card meanings.

Free Tarot Reading Types

Choose from our choice of Free Tarot Reading types:

  • Three Card Free Tarot Reading
  • Love Free Tarot Card Reading
  • Money Free Tarot Card Reading
  • Career Free Tarot Card Reading

Three Card Free Tarot Reading

Three Card Tarot readings are the most popular type of readings. Focusing on one issue or problem in your life the cards will explain the past, present, and future. Choose your card here.

  • The Past – Detailing events that are holding you back or helping you aim higher
  • The Present – Details your current energy and opportunities available
  • The Future – Details of the outcome and where you are heading

Love Free Tarot Reading

Your free love tarot card reading will answer your questions about close relationships from the past and present. Fireworks may be on the cards for future love or advice and guidance may be given to help develop current relationships. Choose your love card here.

Tips for a true reading:

  • Clear your mind and focus on one specific question
  • Take your time to pick a card, focus on the card that you are more drawn to
  • Love tarot readings focus on your emotions, your predictions will reflect this.

Money Free Tarot Reading

Take our free online Money Tarot reading to help foresee your financial future. Instead of playing the lottery seek guidance from our tarot reading. Find out about any insights into a financial problem which may arise or find out an answer to a particular question about your wealth.

Should you save or splash out for that once in a lifetime holiday you have always dreamed of? Ask the Money cards for free.

Career Free Tarot Reading

Thinking about applying for a new job? Do you see yourself getting that raise you were aiming for? Ask our Free Career tarot reading to seek the answers to your work-related questions.

This could be the year you excel at work, seek guidance from the cards to help you on your career journey. From setting new goals and ambitions to undertaking new qualifications the cards will guide you. Ask your career card here.