Card of the day

( Seven of Pentacles Reverse)

You may start questioning whether you have invested in right areas and the efforts are scattered as indicated by the reversed seven of pentacles. The money and time invested on some things may not yield desired results. Hence, you should analyze the planned and current investments as well as time and focus to get returns on the investments. You should carefully allocate your time and money to the areas that offer rich rewards. You should conduct a cost benefit analysis on all of the major projects and ensure smooth execution by getting the required inputs and materials in time. You should expedite the tasks taking more time. Focus on areas that require expertise for early execution. You should avoid investing money and time in areas that do not offer intended results. Frequent meetings and emails are simply time wasting and may not yield desired output. Instead, allow the team to work more time with simple analysis to overcome the bottlenecks. You should always focus on getting 80% value from 20% of the tasks at hand. You will get a signal to stop investing in areas that will not offer intended results as indicated by the reversed seven of pentacles. However, some people stick with the unfruitful tasks because they have invested huge money and efforts. It is time to find out the areas that do not offer any dividends and wind up those operations and focus on areas that promises rich dividends. You may be putting in considerable efforts to ensure a smooth relationship as indicated by the seven of pentacles. But, something is not moving as expected and creating more frustration. You may be putting in all of your energy and soul for the betterment of relationship. Finally, you will come to a conclusion that the relationship will continue to face troubles despite your efforts.

Tarot Cards: A Popular Mystic Science

Tarot cards have been around for centuries but why have they remained so popular in today’s modern 21st century!

It is easy to see how enticing Tarot cards can be, the ease of sitting down and drawing a few cards to be told that you’re heading on the right track is too good to be true, but there is more to it than just that. Our subconscious is a powerful tool. It allows us to connect spiritually with the world.

Tarot allows you to tap into your subconscious state which can result in an intense reading, forcing oneself to resurrect inner demons and darkest fears which may be affecting certain aspects of your life or personality.

We can all relate to hectic day to day duties and responsibilities that modern living can have on us. Work routines, daily battles striving to get the perfect work-life balance and the hopeless feeling of being permanently attached to technology. Tarot has an amazing ability to reconnect us with nature and our inner calm. Meditation and focusing on breathing is the perfect way to start. Focusing on one important and essential thing – breathing.

Once you are calm and centered it is easier to gain a better insight into your emotions and feelings, it can be argued that being in this state is what projects your subconscious into selecting the cards you do. This is why it is a science and not just potluck as to what cards you draw.

Allowing yourself to guide your own future and talk about issues which may be holding you back, Tarot is a powerful tool in self-healing. Forcing you to face insecurities which may not have made themselves present or even surfaced in this lifetime.

Tarot is never set in stone, you are your own keeper. Your actions have consequences and different decisions will end with different results. Being able to guide yourself through this with the use of Tarot cards is a phenomenon that will stay popular among humankind.