Card of the day

( Queen of wands Upright)

The queen’s throne with lions facing opposite direction depicts that she is a symbol of fire and strength. The sunflower symbolizes life and fertility. It also depicts that she is full of joy and satisfaction. The black cat however shows the power of magic and occultism associated with the queen. It also tells that the queen is independent in nature. The Queen of Wands is a strong leader with dominance and she is not afraid of anything. She can pursue her duties alone. This suggests that if you are a Queen of Wands you are independent and have the capability to face challenges as they come. You have the power to achieve your goal against any odd. You are focused on your goal and you know the real way of getting to that goal. It also depicts that your life is full of energy and you lead an active life. You know the true path of life. You follow that path and have the ability to make others follow that too. You are a natural leader and you have the confidence to move any person to achieve their goal. You love to be admired by all by being the center of attraction. You can make a really good first impression on any person you meet. The sweet, warm and charming nature of yours helps you in this aspect. You are very social and like to mix with people around you. The down side of yours is that at times you may be stubborn and quick tempered.

Tarot Cards: A Popular Mystic Science

Tarot cards have been around for centuries but why have they remained so popular in today’s modern 21st century!

It is easy to see how enticing Tarot cards can be, the ease of sitting down and drawing a few cards to be told that you’re heading on the right track is too good to be true, but there is more to it than just that. Our subconscious is a powerful tool. It allows us to connect spiritually with the world.

Tarot allows you to tap into your subconscious state which can result in an intense reading, forcing oneself to resurrect inner demons and darkest fears which may be affecting certain aspects of your life or personality.

We can all relate to hectic day to day duties and responsibilities that modern living can have on us. Work routines, daily battles striving to get the perfect work-life balance and the hopeless feeling of being permanently attached to technology. Tarot has an amazing ability to reconnect us with nature and our inner calm. Meditation and focusing on breathing is the perfect way to start. Focusing on one important and essential thing – breathing.

Once you are calm and centered it is easier to gain a better insight into your emotions and feelings, it can be argued that being in this state is what projects your subconscious into selecting the cards you do. This is why it is a science and not just potluck as to what cards you draw.

Allowing yourself to guide your own future and talk about issues which may be holding you back, Tarot is a powerful tool in self-healing. Forcing you to face insecurities which may not have made themselves present or even surfaced in this lifetime.

Tarot is never set in stone, you are your own keeper. Your actions have consequences and different decisions will end with different results. Being able to guide yourself through this with the use of Tarot cards is a phenomenon that will stay popular among humankind.